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2024 Vendor Application

Beginning Saturday May 4th through October 19th
Saturday's from 10am to 4pm
Artists/Vendor $65 – 10×10 booth space
Food/Vendor $65 – 10×10 booth space
Does Not include canopy/tent.
25 events dates (see & choose in the application)
Dates can be changed.
Outdoor event rain/shine set up unless constant weather dictates otherwise.

Roc Artists Open Market's consistent marketplace provides artists and small business vendors with a reliable platform to showcase their talents, connect with customers, and grow their businesses. By offering steady exposure, fostering relationships, facilitating feedback and growth, establishing a presence, being cost-effective, and promoting inspiration and collaboration, the consistent marketplace of the Roc Artists Open Market serves as a valuable resource for the creative community in Rochester.

Steady Exposure: artists and vendors gain regular exposure to a diverse audience of potential customers. Having a reliable venue to showcase their work or products on a weekly basis increases visibility and brand recognition within the community.

Building Relationships: Consistently attending the same marketplace allows artists and vendors to build relationships with customers, fellow artists, and other vendors. Over time, these connections can lead to repeat business, collaborations, and networking opportunities, which are essential for long-term success in the creative industry.

Feedback and Growth: Regularly interacting with customers provides artists and vendors with valuable feedback on their work or products. This feedback can be used to make improvements, refine their offerings, and better understand their target audience's preferences, ultimately leading to growth and development.

Establishing a Presence: Consistency breeds familiarity, and participating in a consistent marketplace helps artists and vendors establish a presence within the local community. As they become recognized regulars, they become synonymous with quality, reliability, and authenticity, which can attract loyal customers and enhance their reputation.

Cost-Effectiveness: Setting up shop at a consistent marketplace like the Roc Artists Open Market eliminates the need for artists and vendors to constantly seek out new venues for selling their work or products. This can save them time, effort, and resources that would otherwise be spent on marketing, logistics, and securing higher cost one off events.

Inspiration and Collaboration: Being part of a consistent marketplace fosters a sense of camaraderie among artists and vendors. They can draw inspiration from each other, share ideas, and even collaborate on joint projects or events. This sense of community adds value to the marketplace experience and can lead to creative partnerships and mutual support.

Rochester's Seasonal Weekly Outdoor Artisan Marketplace